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A few of our more recent clients ....

Texas Instruments MSP430

In a joint project with Quadravox Inc., Archelon developed and maintains a complete set of C-based softeware development tools for the Texas Instruments MSP430 ultra low power microcontroller. Quadravox provides the Integrated Development Environment and debugger.

Zarlink Semiconductor

Zarlink employed Archelon to develop a suite of C-based software development tools for a proprietary DSP.


For a number of years, SMSC has been using Archelon to develop and maintain C compilers, assemblers, and linkers for a family of proprietary microcontrollers.

Catena Radio Design

Catena used Archelon to create an assembler with C-like syntax for a proprietary microprocessor.

3DSP Corporation

3dsp used Archelon's quick start retargeting service to obtain a C compiler, optimizing assembler, and related tools for their family of 32 bit DSPs, which feature a super-scalar implementation, along with some SIMD-style instructions.


Archelon developed the C compiler and assembler for a very nicely designed 16 bit microcontroller architected by Mike Aronson of endpoints.

Oxford Micro Devices Inc.

Archelon has implemented the C compiler, optimizing assembler, simulator, and debugger for the Oxford Ax36 line of highly parallel Image and Video Digital Signal Processors. The A436 is an extremely cost-effective single-instruction, multiple data (SIMD) design which includes one scalar processor and 32 parallel processors on one chip. The C compiler for this SIMD architecture exmplifies Archelon's approach to SIMD machines, which gives you full control over programming the machine in C by allowing you to explicitly declare and use parallel data types.

AMI Semiconductor

Archelon implemented several sets of assembler lebel software tools (assembler and linker) and one C compiler for many of of AMI Semiconductor's ultra-low power DSP-based audio processing systems, designed for digital hearing aids, wireless headsets, and other portable, battery-powered devices.

Clarkspur Design Inc.

Archelon has written a C compiler and assembler for the Clarkspur CD2450 DSP core and a C compiler for the Clarkspur CD2458 DSP core.

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